Live Webinars and On-Demand Trainings

16-Hour PC Continuing Education Program

  • 16 Hours of Training Broken Into 8 Two-hour Webinars 
  • Satisfies Florida’s PC recertification requirements 
  • Anytime access via Internet 
  • On-Demand
  • View at your own pace
  • Designed Specifically for Florida PCs
  • Relevant & interesting topics
  • Instructions + all Required Forms for Recertification Deadline of Dec 31, 2023


Don't Need All 16 Hours? Looking for a Specific Topic?

Individual Trainings Below

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 2 IPV

Multidisciplinary panel of seasoned family law professionals discuss how to handle IPV in family law cases. This webinar includes the newly enacted Greyson’s Law. 

SPEAKERS: Kelly Plouffe, LMFT, CCTP; Erin Barnett, Esq.; Erin Woolums, Esq.; Shana Duehring, Esq.

$50 On-Demand (recorded October 2023)

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 2 PC IPV and 2 FL Family Law.

Learn how to navigate PC cases involving IPV. Understand what language needs to be in the PC Order and contract, PC decision-making ability, screening tools, and mandatory reporting.  

$50 Live November 15, 2023 12-2pm EST, then On-Demand

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 2 PC Ethics and 2 Family Law.

PC Rule 15 was updated on October 1, 2023. Learn how to incorporate these changes into you parenting coordination practice. Co-hosted by Our Family Wizard

$50 On-Demand (recorded September 2023) 


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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 2 Mental Health and 1 Cultural Diversity 

Learn how to better protect LGBTQ+ children from the impacts of their parents’ conflict.  

SPEAKER Rebecca Amster-Cantor, Esq, LMFT

$50 On-Demand (recorded August 2023)

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 2 FL Mental Health.

Learn how to identify and manage demanding high conflict personalities.

$50 On-Demand (recorded July 2023)

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 1 PC Ethics 

Learn how to ethically use online processes, systems, and security measures to make your PC practice more successful and better serve your clients needs

$50 On-Demand (recorded June 2023)

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 2 PC Ethics and 1 FL Family Law

Parents stop complying with the pc process for many reasons. Learn how to re-engage them ethically using processes, boundaries, and the law.

$50 On-Demand 

Important Note: This training was recorded live in May of 2023 prior to Rule 15 Change. PCs should also view the training above entitled: “Changes to PC Rule 15 Effective October 1, 2023”

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2 CPCE Credits. Satisfies 1 FL Family Law

Step-by-step instructions on how to maintain PC qualification status and comply with the new training requirements.  All required forms and instructions included for recertification by December 31 deadline.  Co-hosted by Our Family Wizard

$50  On-Demand (recorded April 2023)  

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